When a campus threat arises, it’s not enough to rely on traditional person-to-person communication. Tensions are high, and messages are often tangled.

With CatapultEMS, you’ll develop an emergency response plan that stays clear, centralized, and informed at all times. Use realtime student accounting, staff location check-ins, threat report management, and more – all from a portable, dependable, cloud-based system.

An intelligent plan is your best defense. Give peace of mind to your staff, parents, and students: try CatapultEMS.


We provide safety for every sector

  • K12
  • Higher Ed
  • Government
  • Business

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Don't take our word for it

Within a couple weeks of being trained, this school was faced with their first code red lockdown. Watch a firsthand account of what happened when a principal, locked out of his own school, managed this emergency from his car!


Real-time Student Accounting

With the list of students coming from a nightly export from your student information system, teachers and staff are able to account for students in minutes.

Two-Way Communication with Teachers

Typically, lockdown also means teachers are in the dark about what is happening on campus. No longer; schoolwide communication or one-to-one communication happens as easily as sending an email.

Incident Reporting and Escalation

Incident reports can be sent via your school website, or your office manager can manually add them during a phone call. Once submitted, all school site administrators are notified via text and email so that any trained decision maker can resolve or escalate an incident report.

SIS and Active Directory Integrated

In an emergency, speed is critical. By using your district's single sign-on solution, the system becomes an extention of your other systems. With the nightly export from your Student Information System, your teachers can quiclkly account for students, while staff can add students using our powerful search.

GPS and Room Location Reporting

Get an inside, real-time view of what is happening in the classrooms. GPS cordinates are sent to a Google map of your school with preloaded contact information and room numbers for every teacher and staff member.

New "Code Yellow" Concept

No longer will you have to wait to gather information before you escalate code red. Without interupting the school day, use the power of your trusted staff to report in for you by initiating a code yellow.

Alerts District, Police, and Fire

District administrators, police dispatch, and other predefined first responders can use individualized settings for receiving alert messages by email and text.

Works on Desktops, Tablets, and Phones

Our cutting-edge, responsive design allows for complete flexiblity no matter what device you are on. You will have full access to all software functionality even on the smallest cell phone screen.

Additional Features

  • Digital Emergency Procedure Manual
  • Media Script Bank
  • Evacuation Maps
  • Drill Mode w/ Summary Reporting
  • Configurable Safety Settings
  • Multi-District Access for Law Enforcement
  • User Sign-Up Statistics

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