School Safety: Back to School Safety Tips

Back to school is in the air! With students going back to school, CatapultEMS prepared 5-ways to make sure your child is SAFE.

1) Pick a route.

Make sure you drive, walk or bike the route your student will take home from school, even if they are taking the bus. If there are any issues such as extreme heat, a sudden downpour, suspicious person, or a school bus breaking down, you AND your child will want to know exactly where you are. Take the time to point out street names and landmarks to share with each other, if needed. 

2) Know the transportation.

If your child rides their bike or walks to school, know which one they are taking each day. This extends or reduces the amount of time spent coming and going from school in order to plan accordingly. 

3) Determine departure and arrival times.

Know when your child is supposed to leave school and arrive home. Sometimes it can be tempting for your child to stay after school; make sure they check-in with you prior to making this decision.

4) Reduce backpack pain.

Pick a backpack with wide straps and padding on the back and shoulders. When loading the backpack, try to place the heavier items in first closest to the back. 

5) Teach traffic safety.

Make sure your child knows how to cross a street, stay out the blind spots of a bus, proper traffic rules when riding a bike versus walking, and listens to the crossing guard in crosswalks. Teaching your child to look for cars when crossing between cars or behind shrubs is extremely important. Cars wont see your child crossing the street.

Meeting new and returning friends after a long summer break is exciting and FUN! Making sure your child remains aware of these safety tips can also help them educate their friends in the process. therefore making for a safer school! 

Enjoy! And welcome back!!