An All-in-One K-12 Emergency Management Solution

Protect students and staff in your K-12 school district with an 
integrated safety management system that creates faster crisis response.
Best-In-Class School Safety Solutions

All the Safety Elements You Need in One Dashboard

Emergency Alerts & Mass Notification

  • Mass notification with automated alerts
  • Two-way communication with staff and first responders
  • Desktop and phone takeover messages with silent override
  • Capability to resolve or escalate incidents
  • GPS location reporting

Emergency Planning & Drill Management

  • Digital housing of emergency plan documentation (procedure manuals, checklists, maps, etc.)
  • Import of student and staff rosters
  • Drill scheduling and tracking
  • Automation that brings your emergency plan to life

Anonymous Threat Reporting

  • Anonymous threat reporting system that tracks every incident
  • Anonymous bully reporting
  • Easy access for users via website, text, phone, QR code, etc.
  • 24/7 web form and call monitoring
  • Confidential two-way communication

Panic Button

  •  Immediate alerts to first responders
  • Digital panic buttons that push alerts from any device or location, with GPS reporting
  • Emergency management system integration with physical panic buttons
  • Bypass the 911 call center and go straight to your local dispatch


  • Simplified student accountability and legal guardian identity checks
  • Real-time updates on reunification logistics and successful reunifications
  • Automated communication to staff and parents / legal guardians
  • Alignment with the “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s reunification best practices


  • Integration with student information systems (SIS) and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Integration with school hardware and software (PA systems, camera systems, InformaCast, etc.)
  • Greater cohesion in your school safety ecosystem
  • More fluid emergency response with less hassle
How We’re Different

3 Ways CatapultEMS Caters to Your Needs


Rock-Solid 3rd-Party Integrations: Creating a Cohesive Safety Ecosystem

  • Fit CatapultEMS into your existing tech environment.
  • Create system-to-system automation that cuts down on manual work.
  • Improve the overall flow and effectiveness of your emergency management process.


Partnership: Support in Your Implementation, Adoption, & Success

  • Take the work and hassle out of getting your system up and running.
  • Promote a high level of adoption with fast and effective training.
  • Give your administrators and staff the support they need to become leaders in school safety.


Highly Configurable Tech: Designed for K-12, Customized for You

  • We’ll set up your systems to align with your existing safety protocols or methodologies, such as alignment with  I Love U Guys Foundation standards.
  • We’ll input the safety terminology and settings preferred by your school district.
  • We’re always available to help you make adjustments as needed and explore system optimization.

Industry Best Practices

We are proud to partner with the “I Love U Guys” Foundation and fully endorse the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Standard Reunification Method (SRM).

Safety Sucess Stories

Turning School Leaders into Crisis Response Heroes

Greg Rash Director of Business Services

Twin Rivers Unified SD

How CatapultEMS Helped Twin Rivers USD Streamline Emergency Communication for Thousands of Employees

  • 48 School Sites
  • 4 School Support Facilities
  • 3,000 Employees
  • 27,000+ Students
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Damon Donnell Student Services Coordinator

Springdale Public Schools

How Springdale Public Schools Used CatapultEMS to Boost Efficiency in Emergency Management & Anonymous Tips

  • 51 Schools
  • 5,200 Students
  • 971 Employees
Learn More

Brian Allen Senior Director for Security and Emergency Management

Galena Park ISD

How Galena Park Independent School District Mobilized Rapid Emergency Communication and Seamless Student Accountability with CatapultEMS

  • 24 Schools
  • 21,900+ Students
  • 3,225+ Employees
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Over 23,000 Drills


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