The National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment &
The Association of Title IX Administrators

Catapult has paired up with the National Association of Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (NABITA) and The Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) to offer a series of three training modules in the areas of mental health, threat assessment, and sexual misconduct at a greatly reduced price point.

Each module provides a set of practical, evidenced based learning experiences using video demonstrations, lectures, interactive discussion questions, and further reading. This timely and relevant online training primer was developed by a consortium of mental health and risk management professionals to address the immediate needs of K 12 educators supporting students during the COVID 19 era. NABITA encourages comments and suggestions for future whitepapers, training videos, and interactive discussions.

Addressing Stress, Suicide Risk and Wellness (220 Minutes)

  • Understanding common sources of cumulative stress and daily hassles
  • Addressing compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Assessing and supporting students with suicidal ideation
  • Non-clinical assessment of suicide

Threat Assessment and Safety Teams (120 minutes)

  • How to talk with faculty, staff and employees about the difference between feeling threatened and criminal threats
  • Reducing bias, subjectivity and inconsistency in threat assessment by using an evidenced-based risk rubric
  • Best practices for a safety/threat team meeting with documentation examples
  • Using motivational interviewing in crisis de-escalation and classroom management
  • Assessing the severity and actionability of threats made on social media, emails and student writings

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct (75 minutes)

  • Self-care for Title IX coordinators
  • Advising both reporting and responding parties
  • What to say and what not to say following a sexual assault
  • Bullying and bystander empowerment
  • Understanding and utilizing due process to improve accuracy and reduce legal risk
  • Defining sexual harassment with practical examples
  • Determining the importance of creditability in the Title IX process for reporting and responding parties, witnesses, and third parties

$499 for one subject area or $999 for all three

Advanced and specialized packages are available upon request. Please reach out with specific needs.

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