Safety Drill Management for Schools

Get a drill management system that simplifies drill planning, increases preparedness, and better informs your school district’s safety team.

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How Efficient & Effective Are Your School Safety Drills?

Are your drills meeting compliance and properly preparing administrators, staff, and students with the right actions to take in a threatening incident? Could your drills be conducted more smoothly and in less time?

These are all important questions to ask when you’re running a K-12 school district.

CatapultEMS includes a drill management system that makes safety drill planning, execution, and reporting seamless at both the school site and district level.

15+ Minutes to 3 Minutes

Reduced Drill Time

Some CatapultEMS clients have been able to reduce lockdown/evacuation drill time from more than 15 minutes to 3 minutes or less with 99.9% student accountability.

A User-Friendly Drill Management System That Streamlines Preparation & Compliance

Emergency Preparedness

Increase emergency preparedness and reduce anxiety in administrators, staff, and students through well-practiced drills that build muscle memory

Emergency Resources

Easily access emergency resources such as protocols, checklists, scripts right when they are needed

Automated Prompts

Take the uncertainty out of emergency response with automated prompts that guide administrators and staff on which actions to take during drills and real emergencies

Drill Manager

Manage drills from any web-enabled device, including a desktop, tablet, or smartphone

Advanced Tracking

Track individual learner progress through CatapultEMS training using our online learning management system (LMS)

Track Compliance

Schedule drills and track compliance with government and district regulations

Drill Reminders

Send automated drill reminders to keep administrators and staff informed and on task

Drill Reports

Use data to assess site readiness and identify potential areas of improvements through CatapultEMS’ comprehensive drill reports

Efficient Drills

Minimize downtime with faster, more efficient drills, leaving more time for instruction

Hands-On Support

Access ongoing support for safety drills from a hands-on team that is focused on your school district’s unique needs

The Wisdom of Experience

What our clients are saying

Chris Sachs

Police Lieutenant

Catapult allows us the opportunity to get clear and accurate information from on-site staff.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A modern drill management system serves as a school district’s digital command center and dashboard where school districts can do everything in one place – schedule and conduct safety drills, send drill reminders, oversee all drill-related activities, access emergency plan documentation, view drill reports and analytics, and more. With the drill management system included on CatapultEMS’ platform, school district administrators and safety leaders can manage safety drills from any web-enabled device.

In addition to helping school districts comply with local and state requirements, safety drills also help prepare administrators, staff, and students for real emergencies or threatening incidents on or near campus. When everyone is well-practiced on what actions to take when disaster strikes, they are less likely to panic in a real incident, which means they are more likely to take the correct course of action, therefore maximizing safety.

Yes, a modern and robust drill management system has the potential to make school sites and school districts more efficient in their drill practices, which can reduce drill time. Some CatapultEMS clients have been successful in reducing lockdown/evacuation drill time from more than 15 minutes to 3 minutes or less with 99.9% student accountability.

Because the CatapultEMS system is mobile-enabled, administrators and staff can receive important notifications straight to their smartphones, which cuts down on communication delays. They’re also equipped with automated emergency response directives that guide them on the most appropriate action to take, as well as easy-to-access rosters for student accountability reporting. As an all-in-one emergency management solution, CatapultEMS makes drill management seamless.

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