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Put Student Safety First with a Streamlined Family Reunification Process

In the event of a school crisis or emergency, student safety is our TOP priority – and a major aspect of that safety is ensuring that students are returned to their parents or legal guardians as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The CatapultEMS reunification solution puts a system in place that accounts for every detail of the student hand-off process, from sending automatic notifications about pick-up locations to verifying parent/guardian identities to recording and tracking successful reunifications.

Be Prepared with Smart Tools & Planning

Don’t rely on paper documentation, walkie-talkies, and phone calls to get the job done — with CatapultEMS, K-12 school districts get mobile-enabled, wizard-driven management tools that allow for immediate updates and knowledge transfers.

CatapultEMS’ reunification solution helps school districts bring their emergency reunification plans to life so they’re prepared in advance with a clear course of action and logistics customized to their exact needs.

How CatapultEMS Reunification Helps Students, Parents, & School Districts

School Administrators & Staff Are Ready to Take Action, Maximizing Student Safety

Clear Definition

Clear definition of reunification team roles: School districts can decide which administrators and staff members will handle student-parent reunifications and give them special permissions within the CatapultEMS system.

Quick Access

Quick access to details such as off-site reunification venues and transportation logistics: Student pick-up locations and transportation plans are ironed out in advance and communicated through the CatapultEMS system in order to create a smoother reunification process.

Reunification Drills

CatapultEMS can provide support for reunification drills, which help identify and address potential issues before a real emergency occurs.

Data Delivers Insights Into Safety Gaps

Data allows for improved student safety

With reunification data being captured by the reunification dashboard, school administrators can reflect on past drills and events to identify safety gaps and improve the reunification process for the future.

Real-Time Communication Keeps Parents & Staff Informed, Reducing Panic & Improving Efficiency

Automated alerts to parents and legal guardians

Parents and guardians receive updates on their smartphones throughout the entire reunification process, helping to mitigate stress and keep families informed.

Simplified guardian identification checks

CatapultEMS’ reunification dashboard has all the information staff members need in one place to quickly verify legal guardian identities and ensure students are being returned to the right individuals.

Reunification updates that are captured in real time

 School staff can track students and guardians and record successful reunifications in real time using the dashboard, therefore eliminating the lag time that is typical of traditional reunification processes.

Flexibility for in-the-moment plan pivots

Because staff and parents/guardians are kept up-to-date in real time, school district and school site staff have flexibility to change plans when needed, such as changing a reunification venue or updating a staff role.

The Wisdom of Experience

What School Administrators Are Saying

Gay Todd, Ed.D.

Superintendent Marysville Joint Unified School District

I believe that [CatapultEMS] is a system that every school district needs to have in place. It gives us immediate feedback and everyone needs that in a moment of crisis.

A Proud “I Love U Guys” Foundation Partner

As a Mission Partner of the “I Love U Guys” Foundation, our emergency management system and reunification processes align with the foundation’s Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Standard Reunification Method (SRM). This means CatapultEMS’ reunification workflows follow proven best practices that allow for formalized and controlled release of students to their parents or legal guardians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students are exposed to a certain level of trauma in a school emergency or crisis. When the process of getting students returned to their families is disorderly or made to last longer than necessary, anxiety levels can rise for both students and their parents or legal guardians. You can help reduce stress in an emergency situation and increase student safety by having a streamlined student-guardian reunification process established for your school district.

Having a formal system in place equips school administrators and staff with a plan of action that is customized to their district’s specific needs, ensuring that they are prepared to act immediately in the event of an emergency or crisis. Additionally, with a system like CatapultEMS, school districts get state-of-the-art tools such as a mobile-enabled dashboard and automated alerts that allows them to maintain real-time communication.

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation offers programs that set the standard for K-12 crisis response and post-crisis reunification, with safety best practices that are established through extensive research. As a leader in school safety, CatapultEMS offers a reunification solution that aligns with the “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Reunification Method (SRM), which covers standards for staff role assignment, parent notification practices, guardian verification and student release protocols, and more. Learn more about the I Love U Guys Foundation’s SRM.

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