Online Anonymous Bully Reporting

With districts launching initiatives to remain compliant with state and federal bullying guidelines, CatapultEMS includes an anonymous bully reporting tool on your website to enhance your anti-bullying policy districtwide.

Students, students' families, staff, and others can anonymously report bullying incidents through your website directly to your dedicated Bully Response Team (BRT).


  • Compliance with reporting and recording
  • Removes concerns with retaliation
  • Students can report 24/7
  • Anonymous reporting capabilities
  • Instantly alerts the BRT
  • Dedicated BRT can include counselors, law enforcement, and/or principals
  • Students can report safely from home or their mobile device


  • Site Specific Website Integration
  • Archived Reports
  • Date & Time Stamp
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Dedicated Bully Response Team
  • Emergency Management System Included
  • Anti-Bullying Resource Packet for Compliance
  • English/Spanish Anonymous Bully Forms
  • Quick Access on All District Supplied Devices
  • Analyze Trends & Statistics