Designed & Built for Ease of Use During a Crisis CatapultEMS Software Features

Integration with WeTip Services Integration with WeTip Services
Reporting of bully situations through your website
Real-time Student Accountability Real-time Student Accountability
Know GPS locations of students and their status
Incident Reporting and Escalation Incident Reporting & Escalation
Three modes of incident reporting and escalation
Two-way Teacher Communication Two-way Teacher Communication
Have one-on-one conversations with teachers in an emergency
GPS and Room Location Reporting GPS & Room Location Reporting
Know your staff and student location
SIS & SSO Integration SIS & SSO Integration
One login & password for all district programs
Alerts District, Police, & Fire Alerts District, Police, & Fire
Law enforcement and 9-1-1 integration
Digital Emergency Procedure Manual Digital Emergency Procedure Manual
Most updated digital manual for emergencies
Configurable Safety Settings Configurable Safety Settings
Organize safety settings to fit your needs
Multi-district Access for Law Enforcement Multi-district Access for Law Enforcement
Access multiple districts for a single user
Works on Desktops, Tablets, & Phones Works on Desktops, Tablets, & Phones
Responsive design across all district & personal devices
Reunification Reunification
Reunify students with guardians quickly and easily

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Features of the K12 Emergency Alert Notification System

With CatapultEMS, you can enhance the safety of your students and staff with real-time communication and information management. Users can report and manage real-time information about evolving threats, including the location and well-being of students and staff during an emergency situation.

Instant Emergency Alerts & Communication
  • Automate your emergency phone call tree
  • Instantly alerts District Administrators, Site Safety Team, Teachers, Staff, Substitutes, and Law Enforcement via phone, email and text
  • Automatically alerts Site Safety Teams on other school sites in close proximity to your school about the emergency
Two-way Teacher & Staff Communication Reduces Inaccurate Information
  • Makes it easy for sites to resolve incidents like finding students, gas leaks, hostile intruder locations, etc.
  • Communicate information about the incident to teachers and staff while allow teachers and staff to communicate back with emergency questions
Reduce False Lockdowns using Code Yellows
  • Avoid going into a Lockdown or Code Red by initiating a Code Yellow and alerting your staff and teachers about an event unfolding on your site.
  • Less Code Red Actions means less PR issues, less parent panic, less teacher panic, and your law enforcement can communicate via CatapultEMS instantly
Instant Digital Emergency Resources
  • Each area is easy to access and update!
  • Emergency Procedure Manuals, Emergency Checklists, Emergency Scripts, & Evacuation Maps
Increase School Site Safety with Real-time Staff & Student Accountability
  • Instant GPS & room reporting from teachers and staff
  • Teachers don't have to update their lists anymore with nightly import from your Student Information System (SIS)
Easily Document Incidents for Accountability
  • Records Fire Drills and provides relevant details to site administrators to overcome problematic areas
  • Drills and incident are archived for retrieval
Integration with WeTip Service
  • Allows for anonymous community, parent and student reporting and alerts the site administrators
  • Ability to respond anonymously to submitters via CatapultEMS
Increase Communication with First Responders
  • No cost for law enforcement to use the service
  • Allows law enforcement to receive alerts associated with your site
Reunify Students with Parents
  • School reunification management to uphold guidelines and protocols during the process
  • Ability to choose the best reunification plan for your emergency