First Responder Integration with Law Enforcement & Fire

On average, 69% of active shooter incidents last five minutes or longer.

46% of the time, Law Enforcement was unable to respond in less than 10-minutes.

Every minute counts.

First Responders integrated into the CatapultEMS system arrive on scene an average of 5 1/2 minutes earlier than a traditional 9-1-1 call.

Catapult allows us the opportunity to get clear and accurate information from on-site staff. Police Lieutenant Chris Sachs

Benefits of First Responder Integration:

  • Police can lockdown the school and inform all staff during threatening situations unfolding near school proximity.
  • First Responders can identify emergencies faster and prioritize those areas to evacuate and receive medical attention first through CatapultEMS.
  • CatapultEMS has reduced lockdown/evacuation drill time from 15+ minutes to 3-minutes or less with 99.9% student accountability.
  • With CatapultEMS, First Responders arrive to the scene ready to act, thereby reducing the time spent on briefing. According to the FBI Active Shooter Study, providing this detailed information to first responders allows them to move through a facility rapidly during an emergency, to ensure areas are safe, and to tend to people in need.
  • Law Enforcement together with school officials can quickly address and correct a problem before it becomes more severe.
  • According to the FBI Active Shooter Study, when an active shooter event occurs, school staff and teachers will look for Law Enforcement to provide guidance on what to do.

We Help K12 Schools & Districts With Emergency Management

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